Lose frustration. Gain freedom.

Implement a simple, proven system to end uncertainty and build confidence in your business.

I get it.

"I understand because I have been in your shoes – facing trust, clarity, and operational issues that at times seemed insurmountable. Since 2001, I have helped more than 120 organizations alleviate chaos, create clarity, and build cohesive teams."

John Gaudet,
President, J. Gaudet Associates

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How is this done?

Instead of using a “one size fits all system,” we work with a series of world-class tools customized to help you reach your pinnacle. With a balanced focus on People, Purpose, Playbook, and Performance, you achieve results.

Together, we:

  • Build clarity.
  • Align everyone in your organization so they are 100% focused on your most important priorities.
  • Instill purpose.
  • Create discipline and accountability throughout your organization.
You gain freedom and lead your business to success without the need for your constant attention.
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Having the right “Whos” with you on your climb makes all the difference.


How many “A” players or “A Potential” players do you have on your team?


Who owns what function? This creates clarity and drives accountability.


Processes cross many departments. Who owns each of your core processes?


Improve your team’s health, cohesion, and alignment to expertly climb to your next summit.


Why does your business exist? Where are you are headed?


Determine your destination.


Set yourself apart from the competition.

and Plan

Your two-page map of how and when you will reach your summits and your Pinnacle.


What problem are you solving, and for whom?


Are you playing to win?


Your simplified core processes take pressure off your people.


Practicing the best way to perform a process makes it repeatable.

Meeting Structures

Getting things done, keeping everything on track, and knowing what faces you on your climb to your next summit.


Creating alignment and getting the most important work done.


Are you winning?


Measure what matters most. Did you win the week?

The Power
of One

Implement 1% changes to make marked improvements.


Gain momentum and achieve company transformation.

The 3-Steps to Freedom Plan

Step 1

Schedule your call.

Step 2

Gather your team.

Step 3

Gain clarity and confidence.

What clients say...

  • "When we started working with John, one of our biggest issues was hiring the right people, people that fit our culture and were passionate about their work. Together we defined the right combination of skills, knowledge, talent, and values that help make the whole team successful."

    Marci Booth - CEO, LIHC, Investment Group
  • "The best part of Aroma Joe's is that we are a fast-growing entrepreneurial brand. But we needed to ensure we were focused on key ideas and strategies to maximize effectiveness. With John’s help, we have been able to focus on big picture items and move important projects forward. Our weekly meetings leave the leadership team motivated with clear action items and steps to success."

    Loren Goodridge - CEO, Aroma Joe’s
  • "We began working with John in February of 2020. As of January 2021, we are using all aspects of the model with our staff and Board! John has led us through the process by teaching and guiding us every step of the way. He is very gifted at crafting the right questions to get you to dig deeper and reframing a discussion to pull out the most salient theme. We consider John a critical part of our team, and one of the biggest reasons we have been able to fully execute the model throughout our organization."

    Wendy Tardif - Executive Director, Dempsey Center

Make time on your calendar for an important person. You.

Right now, it may seem that your business consumes more of your life, not to mention energy. You may be seeking a new level of clarity in your company, with a leadership team that is with you on your climb.

Put an end to the frustration of underperformance.

Build clarity and confidence.
Get clear about your organization and goals.
Get everyone on the same page.
Build discipline and accountability.
Create a healthy, functional, cohesive team.
Execute on your vision.

Lose frustration. Gain freedom.

Implement a simple, proven system to end uncertainty and build confidence in your business.
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